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Eucalyptus CitridoraEucalyptus Citridora Oil: It is an evergreen tree found in the northeastern states of India and is locally known as Nasik. It belongs to the family Myrtaceae.

The leaves produce lemon-scented oil, which is used in perfumes. The oil is a significant product in international market because it is a source for the preparation of an indigenous hair-lotion (Chinghi). The oil vapor has antimicrobial property. We provide 70-80% Citronellal to our oils.

Lemon GrassLemon Grass Oil: We manufacture lemongrass oil, which is produced from two different botanical species of Cymbopogon. It has a lemony, sweet smell and is dark yellow to amber and reddish in color. We provide 75% Citrol to our oil. Widely used as flavor in perfumery and medicine. It also revitalizes the body, tone the muscles and tissue.

Citrio Nella Oil: We manufacture Citrio Nella Oil which repels mosquito with their powerful geranial content. We provide 50% geranial content from our distillation.

Eucalyptus OilEucalyptus Oil: It is extracted from the fresh or party dried leaves. Eucalyptus oil in the trade are categorized into three broad types according to their composition and main end-use: Medicinal, Perfumery and Industrial. The most prevalent is the standard cineole based "oil of eucalyptus", a colourless mobile liquid (yellow with age) with a penetrating, Camphoraceous, Woddy-sweet scent. It uses for burns herpes, bluster cuts wounds skin injections and insect bites.

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